About Our Puppies

There are many ways of feeding. I do not want to take a stand on this issue, I think everyone can decide what method likes. The only important thing is the quality. If the puppy get high quality food, then will be healthy, happy and long-lived.

We feeding with  high quality dry food – Farmina, Josera and Royal Canin products – and boiled meat – chicken and lamb – with boiled eggs, fish fillets, boiled vegetables – mostly carrots, pumpkin, garlic, curd and yogurt , and occasionally with rice.
I offer this diet boldly, we feeding our dogs for a long time with this foods and the experiences are very good.
But you can try to create your own diet, the only important thing is the quality and diversity.Always important to choose a food suitable for the puppy’s age.

For the puppy important the high quality food with high protein content, calcium, vitamins – sometimes with extra glucosamine – vitamin D, a lot of playing outdoors  – enough time in the sun, outdoors, in the garden, in the park, etc. – and for the mental development  really important a vibrant environment. It’s important to go to new places, long walks,to meet with new situations, people, and other animals.

We live in familiar environment in a small village. Our environment is rural, with many green areas, small rivers, fields, small forests. Our dog’s are growing up in this area.

We socialize our puppies and they get basic training –  walking, traveling in a car, bathing, cosmetics, good behavior in the house, and with other dogs and people – but since we do not live in a big city, we can not teach them the correct behavior on the escalator, subway, supermarket , Etc. This must always the new owner to do.

Of course, if you have any special need, we can teach it with the puppy,  but it is extra time and extra cost.

If you have any questions about education or feeding, you feel free to write to us bravely.